Oral pathology is defined as diseases of the mouth, jaw or other related structures. The inside of the human mouth is coated with mucosa, a type of special skin, that is generally a coral pink color and has a smooth texture. If this is not the appearance and texture, then a pathological process may be needed.

Signs to Look Out for

While oral pathology may be minor in some cases, the worst case scenario is generally a cancerous growth. The beginning signs of oral cancer include:

  • A lump on the skin inside the lips or mouth
  • Red or white patches anywhere in the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  • A sore in the mouth that won’t heal easily, and bleeds often
  • Constant hoarseness
  • A severe sore throat

The most common locations for many of these signs will be inside the mouth, positioned on the lips, cheeks, gum tissue, palate or tongue. Many patients believe they will experience some level of discomfort with these signs, but that’s not always true. Our doctors in Peoria and Galesburg often state that oral pathology does not always involve discomfort. Regardless, whether a patient experiences a different feeling or not, a change in the appearance or texture in these areas could be the beginning signs of oral cancer and an evaluation should be conducted as soon as possible.

The consequences of oral pathology can be avoided or significantly limited with early detection, diagnosis, and treatments. If you notice anything different in your mouth, contact any one of our offices located in Peoria and Galesburg to schedule a consultation and evaluation.

A proper diagnosis and early treatment can prevent serious consequences to oral pathologies. Contact any of our Peoria and Galesburg offices to schedule a consultation or for more information.

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