How To Choose Your Implant Dentist

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Okay. So you decided to have dental implants placed, but you don’t have a dentist currently. Like most people, you turn to Google to do some research. So which dentists restore dental implants in the Peoria, IL area? How much do they cost? Have you found yourself researching online and wondering what the heck you should do? There is so much information out there, and so many dentists with information about dental implants on their websites. Where do you begin?

I believe choosing the right dentist for your dental implants is THE most important thing you can do. Making the wrong choice could be an INCREDIBLY COSTLY mistake. You have invested in the dental implant surgery already, now it’s just as important to choose a dentist that can restore the teeth with as much care and precision as your oral surgeon used on their surgery. I’ve written out some various factors for you to consider when choosing a dentist that will hopefully ensure you make a proper choice so that you can feel comfortable with whoever you choose as your dentist.

1. Do Not Choose Your Dentist On Cost!

I cannot emphasize this enough! In a world where there are coupons for this and deals for that, dental implants are NOT a place where you should look to cut corners and select an office because their prices are low! Dental implants are incredibly complex and difficult, and thus your implant dentist should be chosen on skill, quality, and comfort with the dentist. NOT PRICE! If you were having your knee replaced, would you simply choose the cheapest orthopedic surgeon in town, or would you want someone with a lot of experience, top notch surgical skills, and great bedside manner? Someone with great attributes like that does not (and should not) come cheap. Be willing to pay for the quality that you need on dental work such as dental implants. You are trusting the dentist to operate on you and take good care of your dental implant(s), your gums, and the neighboring teeth, and not leave you worse off than when you came in. Your health and safety should definitely trump price!

2. Should Have Financing Options To Work Within Your Budget

Now I said in the previous section to not choose based on price, but you ABSOLUTELY should choose a dentist based on their ability to work within your budget! Dental implants are an expensive investment that can cost thousands of dollars. The average American does not have thousands of dollars in savings that can be allocated to pay for treatment, and dental insurances commonly provide little help for these treatments. Therefore, a dental office that focuses on dental implants should have options for their patients to provide financing to make the treatments affordable within a patient’s monthly budget. Our office, for instance, has several different financing companies we work with, and someone can finance their implant treatment to pay back over six months or up to 8 years! This can make several thousand dollars of treatment cost less than $100/month! This allows our patients to get the treatment they WANT now and to pay it back over a reasonable amount of time that their finances allow, rather than having to wait.

3. Should Be Properly Educated On Dental Implants

Dr. Hudson Going Over an X-RayDental implants are very advanced technology and the procedures used to surgically place them as well as restore them with teeth require a great deal of education. It’s also very important that it is excellent education. What you want is someone who has dedicated hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to properly educate themselves in all aspects of implant dentistry. Dental implants are a rapidly evolving aspect of dentistry, and a dentist must CONSTANTLY be training and learning to keep up with the rapid changes.

4. Should Be Experienced In Restoring Dental Implants

No one wants to have a procedure done by a doctor that isn’t experienced. Dental implants should be no different. Patients should feel comfortable and at ease with whoever is providing their dental implant restorations. It’s very comforting to know that a dentist has worked with thousands of dental implants, and thus has the knowledge and experience to provide you with a top notch result. You want a dentist that has a lot of experience with dental implants, and also does so with a very high success rate. Don’t be afraid to ask a dentist how many dental implants they have restored and what their success rate with them is.

5. Should Utilize Dental Photography

Dr. Hudson Looking Through a Dental CameraI strongly believe that every dentist should be utilizing photography. Two reasons why this is so important. First, the mouth is a very difficult place for the patient to see and understand what is going on. Photography allows the dentist to properly educate a patient and explain what is going on with their exact situation. This allows you as the patient to have the best possible understanding of what is going on in your mouth! Second, photography allows for the best possible cosmetic outcome. The dentist’s ultimate goal should be to have a dental implant tooth look exactly like the rest of your teeth in your mouth. Photography allows the dentist the best communication possible with the dental lab specialist whose job it is to make your custom tooth that connects to your dental implant. Someone who doesn’t take photographs to aid in this communication is just guessing what your tooth will look like, and therefore is less likely to get as good of a result. Photography ensures the best possible cosmetic result on your dental implant!

Actual photo from dental implant photography

6. Should Have Before/After Case Examples

Dr. Husdon Going Over Result Images on a PadThis is very simple to obtain. Ask to see if they have examples of similar cases that they have done in the past. Many times these are displayed on a dentist’s website, but some also will have albums in their office that you can see as well. You want to know that the dentist is capable of providing cosmetic outcomes with their dental implants.

Before and After photo results from Dental Implant

7. Should Have Great Online Reviews/Testimonials

Also very simple to find out with a bit of research. Read up on the potential dentist and how other patients have valued their treatment. You usually can find plenty of feedback by looking at the office’s Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and Facebook reviews. You will want to know that others have had great experiences and great cosmetic outcomes at the office you are looking at.

Case Example

Dr. Schroeder's Final Result of Dental ImplantsThis is a case where a young 19 year old female was born without one of her permanent teeth. Once she reached an appropriate age to have the dental implant placed, we sent her to Dr. Schroeder. Dr. Schroeder prepared the area beautifully and inserted the dental implant in the perfect position. We then placed a temporary crown to help adapt the gum tissues to the appropriate positions, as well as used Invisalign clear braces to help correct the other teeth in that area that had shifted. Once complete, we then used dental photography to work with our labs to fabricate a beautiful and very natural matching tooth that blends in seamlessly with the rest of her teeth.

Thoughts from AOS Oral Surgeon, Dr. Nathan Schroeder

As a dental specialist, I feel strongly that the team approach to restoration of missing teeth with dental implants optimizes outcomes and enhances the patient’s overall experience. Dr. Hudson’s expertise in this case, underscores the exceptional results that can be achieved when patient’s have access to highest level of care across their spectrum of treatment. Dr. Hudson’s case planning, communication, and restorative expertise enabled an outcome that met the highest criteria of success in terms of tissue development, aesthetics, and function.
I can attest the Dr. Hudson’s consistent level of attention to detail and his desire to obtain the best possible results for his patients. It is always a pleasure to work with practitioners who demand the best of themselves and their colleagues.

About Dr. Hudson

Headshot of Dr. HudsonDr. Josh Hudson is a Peoria implant dentist dedicated to achieving beautiful and natural results with dental implants. With years of experience with dental implants and countless hours of specialized continuing education on implants, Dr. Hudson has the experience, skill and artistic eye to restore your smile to full health and beauty.

Dr. Hudson is known for his exacting attention to detail, his ability to get beautiful results for his patients, and for ensuring patient comfort throughout the entire dental implant process. As a result, he is regarded as one of the best implant dentists in Peoria. To learn more about his East Peoria dental office, please visit