COVID-19 Patient Guidelines

During this uncertain time, Associated Oral Surgeons is taking steps to ensure that the health and safety of our patients and staff are a top priority.  We are following recommendations from government agencies as we continue to learn more about COVID-19. 

When Is the Right Age to Get Dental Implants?

Our doctors at AOS Oral Surgeons in Peoria take the placement of dental implants very seriously. In fact, they have invested in the latest techniques and technologies available to the dental market in order to provide their patients with a quality experience when having dental implants placed. If you have loose or missing teeth and have been considering dental implants as their replacement, let our doctors help.

Tooth Extractions: Do I Need a Dentist or an Oral Surgeon?

Every year, our doctors talk to Peoria men and women who are truly confused about whether they should visit a dentist or an oral surgeon for their tooth extractions. This is a legitimate question and one we’d like to take time to answer in this blog since tooth extractions are nothing to mess around with or wait for.

Reasons Why You May Need Help from an Oral Surgeon

Our oral surgeons often hear a bit of surprise from men and women in Peoria when they find out all the procedures oral surgeons can provide for their patients. Unfortunately, the differences between various dental specialties are just not a common understanding among the general public, and many assume that oral surgeons only remove wisdom teeth. Oh, but there is so much more an oral surgeon can do! In fact, many of the surgeries our oral surgeons perform can literally change the lives of their patients.

The Dental Implant Process: Consultation to Recovery

Many men and women in Peoria who have loose, diseased, or missing teeth, visit our doctors every year to discuss their tooth replacement options. For most, the solution to these problems is the placement of dental implants. But what is involved in this process? We understand that you’ll have many questions, and the recommended thing you can do to know what you can expect for your dental implant procedure is to visit our doctors for a personalized treatment plan.

Types of Dental Implants

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  If you’ve been researching dental implants, you probably have concluded that they are superior...